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About Us

Melanie Mityas and Josh Jones – co-founders of Madison & Rayne – first met in 2008 at nationally acclaimed Spring Restaurant in Chicago. Josh was the Chef de Cuisine and Melanie a frequent customer. They both share a passion for great food and wanted to create a service that would allow everyone to Rediscover Dinner at home!

“I enjoy cooking but it does not come naturally to me. As a working mom, I was often struggling to get a good dinner on the table for my family. There were some weeks when I totally had my act together – found healthy recipes, prepared a grocery list, went to the store and bought everything I needed – but then I would get home late from work and did not have enough time to prepare the meal. Or I would forget to marinate the meat the night before. I often watched cooking shows and it looked so easy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of my ingredients prepared in tiny dishes so that I could just do the cooking part and skip the prep (and the clean-up)? My frustration sparked the idea for our business. –Melanie

“The Chicago food scene is very vibrant. People in this city are accustomed to having access to a range of restaurants serving high-quality food prepared with fresh local ingredients. Why shouldn’t they enjoy this same experience in the comfort of their own home – whether they are cooking for themselves, their spouse and kids, or a dinner party of friends? Not lukewarm takeout or prepared food made a day or two ago, but a fresh meal that they can easily prepare. My hope is that Madison & Rayne helps people rediscover (or discover for the first time) how fun and rewarding it can be to cook a really great meal.” –Josh

Why are we called Madison & Rayne? Madison and Rayne are the middle names of Melanie’s two daughters – aged 5 and 3. Making good food for her family was the inspiration for the concept so we thought it was fitting to use the girls’ names as the foundation for our brand.