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Chef’s Tasting Program

Our Chef’s Tasting Program was inspired by our own experiences trying the Chef’s Tasting Menu at our favorite restaurants. The waiter asks a few questions about food preferences and allergies and then your stomach’s fate is in the hands of the chef who sends you on a tour of his menu (and often surprises you with a few extras). You get to taste a variety of dishes and often try foods you never would have ordered on your own, but end up wanting one more bite.

Here’s how the Chef’s Tasting Program works at Madison & Rayne:

  • Tell us how many meals you would like every week, and the # of servings you want
  • Tell us your food preferences, aversions, and allergies
  • Our chef selects your meals each week tailored to your preferences – you will receive a mix of our favorite menu items, a variety of seasonal dishes and new meals available only to customers on the Chef’s Tasting Program
  • We’ll send you a note every Friday confirming the meals we will deliver to you the following Tuesday
  • 4-week minimum commitment (you can pause or cancel any time after 4 weeks)
  • Just click below to get started