What do I do with the packaging my meals arrived in?

Keeping packaging waste to a minimum is important to us. On your next delivery, we will pick up your used packaging (your tote bag, cold packs, and plastic containers (rinsed out, please). Our delivery service will return them to our kitchen where we commercially sanitize the packaging and reuse it.

(This applies to IL residents only. If you live outside of Illinois, deliveries are made through UPS and unfortunately we are not able to return your packaging).

Is there a minimum order?

Yes – our minimum order is $30 (before tax). You can order a combination of meal
kits, lunch salads, baking kits or cold pressed juice to reach the $30 minimum.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery charge varies depending on your address and the size of your order. For Chicago zip codes, the delivery fee is $4 for orders of $60 or more, and $6 for orders less than $60. In Chicago area suburbs, the delivery fee is $6 for orders of $60 or more, and $8 if you order less than $60. If you live outside of Illinois, the delivery fee ranges from $5-$8.

If I place an order, am I committed to future deliveries?

At Madison & Rayne, we know that schedules vary week to week. And you may not want to commit to a meal kit service right away. You can always order from our menu, with no ongoing commitment. Simply select “get started” and click on “one-time”. You can order meals from the menu for the upcoming week, and there will be no ongoing commitment or membership that you have to worry about.

If you do decide you want to sign up for a weekly, ongoing delivery, select the “recurring” option. Tell us how many meals you would like and your food preferences. This is a convenient option if you know you want meals delivered each week but don’t want to have to remember to place an order.

I have food allergies. Can you substitute ingredients for me?

Absolutely. Many of our customers have food allergies or strong dislikes. Please indicate your allergies or preferences on the Account Settings page. Our kitchen team will handle this a few ways:

  • if the ingredient is a main component of the dish, we will substitute with another ingredient; for example, if you are allergic to mushrooms, we will substitute a different vegetable into your meal kit and will label the ingredient
  • if the ingredient is part of a sauce, we will make a different sauce for you; for example, if you are allergic to dairy, we will prepare a dairy-free sauce and label the container
  • if the ingredient is mixed with another ingredient, we will give you more of the other ingredient and make sure the allergen ingredient is not packed in your meal kit; for example, if you are allergic to garlic and one of the ingredients in the meal kit is chopped garlic & onion, we will send you a package of onion only and will label the ingredient
  • if the ingredient is simply a garnish and is not a main component of the dish, we will not substitute or replace the ingredient

Note: our recipe cards will still show the standard list of ingredients for the meal kit, but your package will be labeled to show where we substituted or modified an ingredient.

How quickly do I have to put my meal kits in the refrigerator?

We pack our meal kits in insulated tote bags, with cold packs to keep everything at an appropriate temperature while it is in transit from our kitchen to your kitchen. While we recommend getting the meal kits into your refrigerator as soon as possible, your delivery can sit outside or at your building’s front desk for 3-4 hours from the time we deliver.