Kitchen Tips

Some Quick Tips & Tricks

Make your meal a little more successful

Get Organized
Lay out all the food and tools you will need to cook the meal. This will create a more calm cooking experience.

Use Proper Equipment
You do not need fancy or expensive equipment; you just need the right equipment. “Always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need.” – Julia Child

Sear Every Side
If it is a roast it has 6 sides! Not 1 side, not 2 sides, not 3 sides…every side. Doing this will help retain moisture and increase the eye appeal of the meal.

Allow Meat to Rest
So often by the time we are cooking we are starving. Fight the urge to dive right in and let the meat rest for 2 minutes before cutting into it.

Temper Your Meat
Pull the meat out of the fridge 10 minutes before you cook. This will shorten cook times and provide more even temperatures.

Pre-Heat Pans, Like Ovens
Step 1: heat pan. Step 2: add oil. Step 3: Carefully addd what is going to be cooked. There should be a noticeable sizzle.

Taste Everything

It is an excellent learning tool to taste everything at every step of the process. This also allows you to catch mistakes or errors before the whole meal is compromised.

Balance Flavors
Rich foods are balanced with a little acid. Sweet foods are balanced with a little salt. Salty foods are balanced with a little sweet.

Golden Rule of Plating
Hot food goes on a hot plate; cold food goes on a cold plate. Follow this simple rule for fundamental success while plating.

Diverse Meals
Components should add something other than sustenance to the dish. It is not limited to flavor though. Think about textures, acidity, and body.

Choke Up
When plating, try choking up on the spoon like you would a pencil. This will give you more precision and control while plating.

Clean As You Go
Once you feel comfortable in the kitchen, start to focus on working cleaner. Keep counters freshly wiped, clean pots and pans as you go, and put all the tools away once you are done with them.

Mistakes Are Inevitable
The most difficult part of cooking is recognizing which can be fixed and which can not.

Season at Every Step

Every component should be lightly seasoned as it goes into the pot, pan, or bowl.

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