Our Philosophy

We believe the best ingredients come with a little dirt on them.

During the warm months we work closely with local and regional farmers such as Nichols Farm.

During the winter months we source what we can from these farmers and fill in the gaps with local purveyors.

We know every household is different.

One person is vegetarian, the rest of you eat meat. You all agree you don’t like mushrooms.

Tell us your preferences and we’ll make a dinner kit customized for your family.

We understand your schedule is not predictable.

You’re out of town for work two days next week, your daughter has soccer playoffs the following week, your mother-in-law is visiting the week after.

Schedules are constantly changing, that’s why we offer the flexibility to order when you want, and choose the # of meals and servings each week that’s right for you.

We are committed to reducing waste.

High quality packaging is essential to keep your food fresh. But we strive to reduce and recycle.

For Illinois customers, our delivery drivers will pick up your used packaging (tote bags, cold packs, clean containers), and return it to our kitchen for sanitizing and reusing or recycling.

We think dinnertime should be enjoyable.

Sitting down to a home-cooked meal is a pleasant way to end the day. With busy lives, it’s hard to pull off. 

Let us be your personal shopper and sous-chef, so you can bring everyone in the house together for a delicious meal that you made for them.

Ready to Cook?

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